Cage Free Grooming

Meet Our Professional Pet Stylists & Guest Services Team

We love pampering your pets!


Team Leader & Pet Groomer

Kortney has over 17 years of grooming experience. She tries her best to see eye-to-eye with each client. Doing her best to give the customer what they want, but at the same time having the pet’s best interest in mind. When Kortney is not grooming, she spends her time with her four young children, her husband, Nate, and her Australian Shepherd, Suki. She enjoys going to museums, zoos and spending as much time outdoors as she can. She enjoys grooming mixed breeds. Kortney loves the underdog!


Assistant Team Leader & Guest Services/Receptionist

Zaryah began her grooming salon experience over 2 years ago and has been in love ever since. She is knowledgeable in bather responsibilities from her time spent as a Pet Stylist Apprentice. Grooming has taught her more than she could ever imagine. She understands the importance of organization at the front desk and the necessity of providing a helping hand for all of the groomers whenever possible. As a Business Entrepreneur major at ASU, she keeps a very organized workplace and can always be sure your appointments are accurate and up to date. At the end of the day, her goal is to greet every client with a smiling face and to have them all feeling confident that they are well taken care of when they leave.


Pet Groomer

Kimberly has been grooming for around 15 years. She is a mother of 2 beautiful boys, 3 crazy dogs and a lazy cat. She recently moved her family from California to Arizona and she is looking forward to exploring this beautiful state. Kim loves being a groomer and working with animals. She is most experienced in grooming Labradoodles and she also enjoys grooming mixed breeds. Her goal is to always have the owner light up and have a big smile when they come to pick up their furry kids.


Pet Groomer (Cats & Dogs)

Bryn has 5 years of experience grooming both cats and dogs. She absolutely adores every animal that visits the salon, but there is a special place in her heart for cats, yorkies and westies. She lives with a 16 year old kitten named Gilfa who she loves more than anything. Gilfa’s favorite thing in the world is a good, long nap. Bryn wants every pet parent to be assured than any cat or dog that makes their way to her table will be treated with the same care she would take with her own baby.


Pet Groomer  (Additional Training Emphasis with Standard Poodles,  

                         Hand Stripping Grooming Technique Professional & 

                         Color Technician Specialist)

Myranda has always surrounded herself with animals. She has 2 dogs,

2 snakes, and 3 cats. She has been grooming for just under 8 years. What started as an interest to work while beginning veterinary school became a consuming passion. Myranda is always looking for better ways to serve her furry friends and to help them look and feel their very best; whether selecting the most beneficial products to use for them, or simply taking the time to comfort a nervous dog rather than rushing them through a haircut. She enjoys nothing more than building trust and confidence with nervous or fearful dogs. In her spare time, Myranda is a musician who plays multiple instruments and enjoys video games, knitting, crochet, and other crafts. Her favorite part of grooming is fine scissor work, which she practices on her Standard Poodle, Kaladin, on her off days. Myranda hopes to expand her career by diving into competitive grooming this year.


Pet Groomer

Nikki has been grooming for 11 years and specializes in pampering pups who may be nervous or aggressive. She also prides herself on providing extra care for elderly or new guests. Nikki not only loves animals at work, but fills her household with 3 cats and her pit bull, April. Most of her days are spent cuddling with them and she loves to relax and nap as much as they do.


Pet Groomer

Amanda has been grooming since 2014.  She recently moved to Arizona after living in Iowa for her entire life.  She has 2 fur-babies of her own; Loki and Gotham.  From an early age, her goal was to have a successful career working with animals.  Every pet who comes through the door will be treated like one of her own.  She always does her absolute best to make sure your pet's spa day is relaxing and enjoyable!


Pet Groomer 

Sarah is a 4th generation Arizonan who has loved animals since before she can remember. Literally, her parents have animal-lover indication stories starting at 6 months. Sarah loves coaxing shy dogs into friendship, comforting frightened dogs into happy dogs, and turning dirty dogs into gleaming canines. Sadly, she does not currently own a dog, but her cat, Zephy, never fails to greet her at the front door and usually insists on a “sniffspection.”


Guest Services / Receptionist

Zaynah is new to the grooming salon environment and absolutely loves being around all of the amazing animals.  Her 6 years of retail customer service and front desk/guest service experience has allowed her to hone her organizational and communication skills; ensuring a quality and positive interaction with all customers and their beloved pets.  Zaynah enjoys creating phenomenal guest experiences and focuses on building relationships with all clients; including those with wet noses and paws to pamper. 


Pet Groomer (Cats & Dogs), Hand Stripping Grooming Technique Professional

Traci and has been grooming for more than 20 years; beginning her professional journey into the industry at 19 years old. Although she loves all breeds, Traci enjoys grooming terriers the most because of the wide variety of styles that exist. She adores her rescue pups, mixed breed, sweet Gracie and perfect angel Chihuahua, little man Bruce. Traci has a compassionate heart, especially when it comes to animals. She has been working with animals her entire adult life and plans to continue to do so for the duration of her exciting, fulfilling, chosen career.